Thursday, 1 June 2017

SWZ Cross country excellence #7

This week I went to the south west zone cross country which was held at the quarry, I came first at the school cross country which allowed me to go to this event. When I arrived at the event I could only see like 20m in front of me because it was so foggy. My friend Maddy and I just hung round for ages waiting for our race when our race finally came round I stretched and warmed up then went over to the starting line the race started I was coming third and Maddy was coming second there was this other girl that was way ahead but she got tired quickly so Maddy and I both bumped up a space. Then few minutes later we were tied we basically tied the whole way until right at the end when I really dug it in and ended up coming first in the south west zone.

The care value I showed was represent Oaklands school positively because I tried my hardest and respected all the marshals.

The leadership trait I showed was resilence because I kept trying and trying until I got to the finish line eventhough I felt like giving up a few times.

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