Monday, 5 June 2017

Garden to table excellence #8

This week at garden to table I was one of the people chosen to do the cooking, I was so excited. We started of by Mr McAven  telling us what we were cooking he said there will be four people cooking rhubarb sauce and two people making feijoa ice cream I really wanted to make the ice cream and guess what... I got chosen and so was Izzy. We started off by talking to the students about what all the different ingredients are called, then we put all the ingredients into the blender and blended them up and thats how we made it. Izzy and I moved all the ice cream over to the serving table (we were giving the ice cream to the year 1s) and put two teaspoons into little paper cupcake holders then the people who made the rhubarb sauce dribbled a little bit on top. I absolutely loved making all the ice cream I wish I could do it again

The care value I showed was respect because I  respected they were younger than us and didn't know as much.

The leadership trait I showed was integrity by being open and honest with Mr McAven by asking him what I should be doing and what he expected of me.

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