Thursday, 17 November 2016

daily fitness

WHAT: I have been involved in daily fitness
SO WHAT: I enjoy playing hockey during fitness because I play it outside of school and I love it 
NOW WHAT: I would like to play captions coming more because I reaally like it an we have only played it a couple times.

Take a stand lend a hand

What: we have been learning about how we can take a stand and lend a hand
So  what: we have been learning about followers supporters and defenders a follower means -
 Do not initiate, but take an active role in the bulling behaviour. Supporter means - supports the bullying behaiver but does not take an active role in the bullying behaviour. A  defender- dislikes the bullying behaivoie and try's to help the target by intervening, getting teacher support ( using safe telling) or providing direct support to the target.
Now what: I am proud that I now know what followers supporters and defenders mean.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Athletics Zones

WHAT: I went to the Athletics zones
SO WHAT: I went to zones for long sprints high jump and 10 year old relays for sprints I came 5th in  the heat for high jump I got out at 1.5 metres ,when I got 1.10m at school so that was frustrating and for relays I came 4th or 5th. What I found challenging in the relays was that the girl passing me the baton was moving her hands so fast that I could hardly grip on the baton
NOW WHAT: Next time I want to practise my events more before I compete in them.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Te Reo Maori

WHAT: I have been learning Te Reo everyday and attending a hui on fridays
SO WHAT: everyday we look at the phrase of the fortnight this weeks one is kei te aha koe which simply means "what are you doing?" Matua Rihari told us that the expression you use when you say it depends on how you would like to use it  ( eg :if you shout while you say it would manly mean you think they are doing something naughty
NOW WHAT:  I need to work on my pronunciation 

Thursday, 8 September 2016


WHAT: I have been involved in swimming over the last 2 weeks
SO WHAT: Over the past 2 weeks I have been going to swimming at Starfish swim school Today we had exams we had to do 4 lenghs for a warm up and 10 lenghs of freesyle 10 lenghs of backstroke and 10 lenghs of breaststroke
NOW WHAT: I want to improve on my butterfly arms because i need to lift my head more.

Friday, 26 August 2016


WALT we have been learning about measurement 
So what: 
We were learning about the permimter of shapes we had to add the numbers on the side together I found it quite fun 
Now what: I am in Mr formans room for maths I find the stragerys easy but the thing I need to improve on is the part in the stragerys when we have to use our div and times to work out the answer

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

My Olympic learning

WALT: We have been learning about the olympics 
So what: I found out that there used to be only 7 events at the Olympics now days there are 28 events I enjoyed learning about the chance between the ancient olympics and the modern day olympics I found interesting that they use to compete naked.
Now what: I would like to go to the Olympics for the New Zealand women's black sticks team because I like the way they use there players too there strengths on the field.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Term 2 Reflection

* I've been challenged in my Maths learning 
*Winter sport has been fun because everyone has been playing by the rules
*I have enjoyed SML because we had different things to choose from and more time to do it unlike last year.

* For winter sport this year we were put in a high grade we were lossing all our games which didnt give us much confidence but now we are in the right grade we are vsing people at the same stage as us so it fun for us to come and play now.
* Sometimes I don't finish all my SML because I have a lot of extra learning opportunity's  to do
*When I go to guitar I go straight after morning tea and miss a lot of learning 

*I found Chinese very interesting because i thought we would just learn the language but we also learn Chinese stretches and how they make there most populer and mane foods and we also make stuff out of paper which is origami
* In term 2 we started doing jump jam with the year five six classes i have fun at it because we get to do it with other classes not just ours. and we also get to do our normal morning Hui with them as well
* room 10 and 11 have been doing the morning Hui together I think it is interesting that we get to do it with the other classes not just ours and we get too share our birthdays and celebrations with more than just our class.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Writing checkup

WALT write an animal report about the animal of my choice
Aastle gap: punctuation spelling
So what: In my koala animal report I have done five paragraphs about classification animal type \ family related to, physical description features, place and time where does it live habitat extinct \ alive lifespan, dynamics what does it do hunt how does it live and a paragraph about any other facts.  =
Now what: If i did this again i would try to understand the facts more rather than relying on google to always be right.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Care Values in the playground

What: I have been learning to manage myself in the playground
So what: I am gd at agreeing on game rules and taking turns I also try my best every time 
Now what: Sometimes me and my friend do netball shoots and then we might decide to play king with only one ball so we sit the other ball on the ground then we usually forget about it so we don't always return gear to the appropriate place that's what I need to work on.

Weekly winter sport

WHAT: I have been involved in weekly winter sport in 2016
SO WHAT: I do hockey I have been playing hockey since year 4 and I have been in the A hockey team for the past two years our team isn't that experienced but we are getting better every game especially with our teamwork and calling to each other on the turf 
NOW WHAT: I am still going to do hickey next season because I love it a skill I am working on is using the hockey stick with one hand so i can block the person I am getting away from with my free hand / arm, 

Here is a photo of me playing hockey

2016 Involvement

WHAT: I have been involved in extra learning opportunities in 2016
SO WHAT: So far this year I have been involved in Kapahaka, 40 hour famine, zones and Canterbury swimming, zones and Canterbury cross country, Canterbury Run bike run, radio station, hockey winter sport, travis wetlands and Waipara year six camp now I will explain more about three different things first off Radio station I do radio station with Annabelle and Maddy I usually work the laptop Annabelle usually works the DJ button things and maddy sits in the middle and sings to the song and speaks. For swimming I came 2nd at zones my nightlight of that day was actually getting in the pool and doing because I was really nervous before I did it. Now lastly Waipara camp my highlight of Waipara camp was probably the canoeing or the swimming the thing Iiked about the swimming was that there was a rope that was really fun too try and get to the other side and the best part of that was when u fall in a thing I found quite hard was the abb sailing because I am not too gd with heights and it was quite scary at first but when u got down a bit it felt a lot easier.

NOW WHAT: next year I want to do choir again because I did it in year five but not year six

Here is a photo of the 2016 canterburys cross country 

Friday, 10 June 2016

Habitat writing

WALT learning about different habitats and animals and how human impact forses against it 
What: I have done the ocean habitat and I am proud of my colourful coral that I have on the ocean ground and up the side 
Now what: I think If I did this again I would've have put as much coral at the bottom 

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Health learning

WHAT: we have been learning about how to be happy and healthy 
SO WHAT: our teacher assigned us to complete a project on how to stay happy and healthy you could present your learning by a poster, told play, interview, slideshow and more 
NOW WHAT: l exercise 1 hour each day and I think I should improve on my food choices