Thursday, 17 November 2016

daily fitness

WHAT: I have been involved in daily fitness
SO WHAT: I enjoy playing hockey during fitness because I play it outside of school and I love it 
NOW WHAT: I would like to play captions coming more because I reaally like it an we have only played it a couple times.

Take a stand lend a hand

What: we have been learning about how we can take a stand and lend a hand
So  what: we have been learning about followers supporters and defenders a follower means -
 Do not initiate, but take an active role in the bulling behaviour. Supporter means - supports the bullying behaiver but does not take an active role in the bullying behaviour. A  defender- dislikes the bullying behaivoie and try's to help the target by intervening, getting teacher support ( using safe telling) or providing direct support to the target.
Now what: I am proud that I now know what followers supporters and defenders mean.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Athletics Zones

WHAT: I went to the Athletics zones
SO WHAT: I went to zones for long sprints high jump and 10 year old relays for sprints I came 5th in  the heat for high jump I got out at 1.5 metres ,when I got 1.10m at school so that was frustrating and for relays I came 4th or 5th. What I found challenging in the relays was that the girl passing me the baton was moving her hands so fast that I could hardly grip on the baton
NOW WHAT: Next time I want to practise my events more before I compete in them.