Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Ashley HLC #2

WALT: prepare a 3 course meal

SO WHAT: I prepared a three course meal my entree was pita breads covered with garlic olive oil salt and pepper. My main was pork belly with a side of mashed potatos colsaw and gravy. My dessert was goey little chocolate puddings with vanila ice cream, cream and Icing sugar to dust.

THE CARE VALUE I SHOWED WAS: Aim for and achieve yout best in all of your learning

because I said what I was going to make and made it.

MY NEXT STEP IS:  To try and clean up afterwards and not get mum to do it.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

Maths Find factors of numbers to 100 and common multiples of numbers to 10

WALT: Find factors of numbers to 100 and common multiples of numbers to 10

So What: I have done the year 5,7 and 8 Maths IXL it wasn't that hard but I did have to ask my parents about some things to help me figure out a strategy for the year 8 Maths IXL. For the assessment task I found it very easy.

The Care value I used was:Be resilient when challenged (E3)
Now What: My next step is to do it quicker and more independently (not having much help from my parents)

This is the link to my Assesment task

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Ashley Libarian Merit # 1

WALT: I learnt how to post on the Oakland's school library blog page.

SO WHAT: Johanna and I blogged about the new beanbags that will be keep underneath the sun shades outside the library. I am really excited for this librarian role because I think it will help me get a leadership position next year and also because I have a great passion for reading.
I am also taking on the responsibility of blogging for the school library page as part of my librarian role. Also I get to write book reviews and put some suggestions up on a special shelf.The value I showed was 'Listen to and respect others opinions ideas and differences' because when Johanna and I blogged we had to respect each others ideas for the school Library Blog post.

Ashley Te Hapua Merit #1

WALT use robots at Te Hapua.

SO WHAT: At our first visit at Te Papua we learnt how to use codes to move a robot. I was working with Maddy.We found it very challenging because we were the only year 7s in the group and everybody else learnt how to do some of it at tech. While we had no idea what we were doing what we did was use a laptop to write codes down so we can make the robot move after every code you do you have to plug the robot into the laptop and program it , it sounds like that would take forever but really it only takes about 2 seconds. Maddy and Me learnt how to make the robot do a figure of 8, circle, square and a victory dance.I think the value we showed was represent Oaklands school positively because we respected the teachers and library staff   It was so much fun and I cant wait for next week.

Ashley HLC # 1

Home learning challenge: Bake some biscuits and deliver them with a friendly card to your neighbour

So I made some chocolate cookies for my neighbour I used the Edmonds baking recipe.

These are some photos 
First I got all the ingredients out 
This is after I used the beater for the egg,butter and sugar etc.
    Before they hit the oven.
    The finished product 

   This is my neighbour Jenna she really enjoyed the them.

It was really fun sharing them with my neighbours. I also went camping that weekend with a few other family's and I shared they thought they were very yummy. The value I showed was use manners when talking to others because I explained what the cookies were about and didnt just shove them at them and go home.