Monday, 27 July 2015


WALT colour in the pig task

I learnt more about my basic facts because this task helps me with it 
I think I should work on doing them a bit quicker because it took me days last week
This is my work 
Thank-you for spending your time reading this blog-post😋😋

Friday, 24 July 2015


WALT learn how to find descriptive language in text.
I learnt how to describe different text features.
My next step is to use these text features in my work.

This is a picture of my work 

Thank-you for spending your time reading my blogpost👌

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Descriptive writing

WALT write descriptively using an adding on details card 

I learnt how to make a picture in the readers mind.

I think I should work on not just saying I feel, I smell, I hear, I see, etc I should describe it instead.

We had to write a story about miss coads great grandma and it had to be about one of her expirences 
In life, we used a adding detail chart to help us with our story's 

This is a picture of my story

 Thank you for spending your time reading my blog👌


WALT practise your spelling                                                                   I learnt how to spell words

I was searching for my shoes but they had disappeared                            I didn't know before.

broccoli and ice cream doesn't go well together                                         I think I should work on

I was excited  about my friends birthday party                                           changing my spelling

I grabbed my bag on the way out the door to go to school                        words every week.

I hopped to my bedroom to grab my school book

my friend went to the hospital because she brook her arm

my friend is probably going to the park with me after school

my mum stopped at the red lights

I went straight to a teacher when I hurt myself

it took mum a second to shut the blinds