Monday, 1 May 2017

HLC #2 excellence

E2. Research another country, compare it to N.Z. Present the similarities and the differences.

This week I did a HLC (Up there ^) I found it fascinating because my neighbors are from England so it was good to see the similarities and differences of our two countries. Something I found out was that we have very similar land mass but they have a poplulation 65,511,098 people and we have 4,604,871 people.

The care value I showed was: Be aware of others because I was making myself aware of the differences of our countries.

This is my map.

New Zealand and United Kingdom

Both have similar land mass there is only 10% difference.
English people have higher unemployment rates than New Zealanders
The murder rate is equal
The United Kingdom uses nearly half as much electricity as New Zealand.
They both  have similar weather conditions.
It is a lot cheaper in New Zealand for medical care.
We are both  ruled by the same monarchy Queen Elizabeth.
In New Zealand you are more likely be in prison than in the united Kingdom
Some of the south island looks very similar to the english highlands.
English families have less babies than New Zealand families.

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