Sunday, 7 May 2017

Garden to Table excellence #3

This week was the first week of Garden to Table. We started of with Mr McAven telling us that we are the only school in NZ that gives knifes to five year olds. Then we went onto watching videos about how to hold a knife and how to chop and slice lastly we watched a video about speed cooking it was hilarious (This is a link to the video) We then went out to the garden and moved the pavers out of the glass house to the other side of the school we did this because Mr McAven is going to take away the glass house due to weather damage. It really hurt moving the pavers because our hands were in such a weird position for ages so when we wanted to stretch them out after they ached.

The care value I showed was: follow instructions because we moved the pavers when we were told to and toke them to the right place.

The leadership trait I showed was Trustworthy because we proved to Mr McAven we could handle monitering younger kids with sharp knifes.

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