Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Performing distension #4

Today I performed kapahaka, choir, band and in senior guitar the first performance I did was senior kapahaka we performed five songs we knew more but we didn't have enough time to perform we had fifteen minutes for every performance we did the second performance I did was choir as soon as I finished kapahaka i went straight to the radio room to get ready for senior choir we performed five songs like kapahaka we even performed some of the same songs after that I went back to the classroom to grab my music for the choir performance I had time to spare and I had finished SML so I asked Mrs Casey if me and Maddy could go out and shoot hoops she was fine with it before we knew it it was time to go to choir so we went oven for choir we performed three songs called purea nei, Africa and blue skies they were all very enjoyable to sing my last performance of the day was the one I was most nervous about it was senior band because our school has never had a band before the weird thing about the band was that there is actually no one singing so its basically a whole load of instruments if I am going to be totally honest it was very embarrassing a) My friend Maddy was calling out the chords but she was doing it a lot louder then what she was meant to be doing so most people laughed and b) it was the year 7/8 students watching so it made it even more embarrassing when they giggled under there breath. Overall I guess the open day went pretty well so I went home feeling good about myself.

The care value I showed was respect because I showed up to everything on time which showed I wasn't letting anyone done.

The leadership trait I showed was trustworthy because when I said I would turn up on time I turned up in time.

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