Thursday, 27 April 2017

Librarian excellence #2

This week was my last week of librarian duties for the term. There wasn't any books to put away so I got straight into scanning peoples books its always its the busiest at the start I usually am putting the books away at the start so I don't usually get to get the busy part of scanning so that was interesting after that Johanna took over scanning and I went around straighting the books up to use my time wisely. At the end Mrs Ward said she was very happy that Johanna and I turned up every week to our duties so she gave us easter eggs to congratulate us.

The care value I showed was use my time wisely because when Johanna was doing the scanning I found something good to do in this case it was straighting the books up.

The leadership trait I showed was Active thinker because I thought of something productive to do when Johanna was scanning.

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