Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Band excellence #1

On Tuesday we had a full band practice we got all tuned up quickly, then we had a run threw of the song ( Hey Jude ), I could tell Mr Rule didn't think we were really getting into the song which we weren't so he gave us another song to practice which was "Cant stop the feeling" we were so pleased as we all really wanted that. So we started practising that ,but most of the session we were helping Emily our drummer find the right beat to play. Overall this was probably my favourite practice we have had so far.

The care value I showed was : Be a caring friend because we all helped Emily find the right beat.

The leadership trait I showed was resilence because when we got given the new song (Can't stop the feeling) There was some very hard chords so I showed resilence by trying and trying until I mastered the chord.

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