Thursday, 27 April 2017

Band excellence #2

Band practice this week we didn't actually pratice our songs because Mrs Trotter wanted us to make a video to introduce ourselfs to present at the celebration of learning assembly. We made the video it was alot of fun espiecally at the end when we all rocked out playing air instruments. I do have to admit though, it took awhile to make the video but thats alright. After that Mr Rule asked who wanted to come up on the stage and say 'We are the Oaklands School band and we want to show you something..." So Maddy and I voluntered to so we spent the rest of the practice doing that which I really enjoyed.

A care value I showed was listen respectfully because when everybody else was recording there bits I stayed quite and listen carefully the whole time even though it was a long proccess.

The leadership trait I showed was Goal focoused because we had to finish the video for Mrs Trotter by the end of the practice.

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