Saturday, 11 February 2017

Ashley Te Hapua Merit #1

WALT use robots at Te Hapua.

SO WHAT: At our first visit at Te Papua we learnt how to use codes to move a robot. I was working with Maddy.We found it very challenging because we were the only year 7s in the group and everybody else learnt how to do some of it at tech. While we had no idea what we were doing what we did was use a laptop to write codes down so we can make the robot move after every code you do you have to plug the robot into the laptop and program it , it sounds like that would take forever but really it only takes about 2 seconds. Maddy and Me learnt how to make the robot do a figure of 8, circle, square and a victory dance.I think the value we showed was represent Oaklands school positively because we respected the teachers and library staff   It was so much fun and I cant wait for next week.

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