Saturday, 25 March 2017

HLC Merit #5

A11. Design your own challenge.

On Saturday I made a whole lot of different slimes with Maddy and her sister Bella. I am going to show you some photos and what is happening in the photos.

The care value I showed was: Try your best because we problem solved when I added to much pink.

This is from when maddy wanted me to put a little bit more pink in but I added to much then we relised it looked pretty cool.

So for this one we experimeted and we thought we could put decorating beads into slime we soon relised the colour faded out and the beads fall out everywhere.

Something about slime is that it is really cool when you add the borax solution because it all starts coming together its really fasinating.

This is all our slimes I cant belleive how cool they all turned out.

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