Wednesday, 22 June 2016

2016 Involvement

WHAT: I have been involved in extra learning opportunities in 2016
SO WHAT: So far this year I have been involved in Kapahaka, 40 hour famine, zones and Canterbury swimming, zones and Canterbury cross country, Canterbury Run bike run, radio station, hockey winter sport, travis wetlands and Waipara year six camp now I will explain more about three different things first off Radio station I do radio station with Annabelle and Maddy I usually work the laptop Annabelle usually works the DJ button things and maddy sits in the middle and sings to the song and speaks. For swimming I came 2nd at zones my nightlight of that day was actually getting in the pool and doing because I was really nervous before I did it. Now lastly Waipara camp my highlight of Waipara camp was probably the canoeing or the swimming the thing Iiked about the swimming was that there was a rope that was really fun too try and get to the other side and the best part of that was when u fall in a thing I found quite hard was the abb sailing because I am not too gd with heights and it was quite scary at first but when u got down a bit it felt a lot easier.

NOW WHAT: next year I want to do choir again because I did it in year five but not year six

Here is a photo of the 2016 canterburys cross country 

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